About Sector 12 Society

Uttara Sector-12 Society is a community organization formed by the residential inhabitants of a pristine and upstart location called Sector-12 of Uttara Model Town  in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

The Society, formed in 2000 with  distinguished persons of the Sector-12, has been rendering advocacy, coordination and leadership to its primary constituency in their matters related to property, habitat and livability for a privileged segment of citizens owning residential property in this decorated neighborhood.

Its members have mingled to develop fellowship among themselves through various social, cultural and advocacy activities under its glorious auspices with inclusion. The mandate and purpose of this society is to pursue continuous improvement of Uttara Sector-12 where its inhabitants can live in peace with security, tranquility and fraternity .

An elected executive committee co-ordinates all service support and community facilities of the area. Sector-12 is a well secured self contained and peaceful residential area with all modern amenities.


The Name of the Organization is UTTARA SECTOR-12 SOCIETY. It is a non-political voluntary organization.


House 63-64, Road 13-14 (Opposite of Baitun-Noor Jame Masjid), Sector-12, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka-1230. Contact: 01875073401 email: us12ks@gmail.com

Legal Status

The organization is registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860 vide registration no. DHA-09098.

Territorial Limits

The Territorial Limits of the Uttara Sector-12 Society will cover only Uttara Sector-12 Area of RAJUK and shall include man made as well as green area, park, ground, mosque, natural lakes and water bodies in/around it.


    • To encourage and foster a spirit of welfare and understanding among the residents of Uttara Sector-12 irrespective of race or religion.


    • To take an active interest in the overall welfare of the community including but not necessarily limited to civic, recreational, cultural, social, environmental and security aspects of life and living.


    • To unite the residents in bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.


    • To provide a forum for open discussion of all matters of interest to the residents of Sector-12 excluding politics and religion.


    • To encourage voluntary social service and to provide a forum for the same.