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আপনার বাড়ীর আঙ্গিনা, গ্যারেজ ও আশপাশ পরিষ্কার রাখুন।
যেখানে সেখানে ময়লা- আবর্জনা ফেলবেননা, নির্ধারিত স্থানে রাখা ড্রামে ময়লা ফেলুন, পরিবেশ রক্ষায় এগিয়ে আসুন।
ডেঙ্গু ও চিকনগুনিয়া প্রতিরোধে ফ্রিজে, টবে, বাগানে বা যেকোন স্থানে পানি জমে থাকতে দিবেন না।
নিরাপত্তা সতর্কতার বিকল্প নেই, সচেতন থাকুন-নিরাপদে থাকুন। প্রয়োজনে কল্যাণ সমিতির নিরাপত্তা কর্মীদের সাহায্য নিন অথবা উত্তরা পশ্চিম থানাকে অবহিত করুন।
নিয়মিত কল্যাণ সমিতির মাসিক চাঁদা প্রদান করুন, মনে রাখবেন আপনাদের চাঁদায়ই সেক্টরের নিরাপত্তা ব্যবস্থাপনা, ময়লা-আবর্জনা অপসারনসহ যাবতীয় সুবিধাসমুহ পরিচালিত হয়।


There are 3 Jame-Masjid in Sector-12 where Baitun Nur Jam-e-Masjid is the Central Mosque of Sector-12. It has six floors, level-1 are air conditioned. It can accommodate more than three thousand devotees inside. On Friday and on Eid congregation day arrangements are also made outside the mosque to accommodate surge of devotees. There is separate enclosure for female devotees. There is arrangement to wash dead body for Janaja at the mosque premise. Other than giving service for daily 5 times prayer, regular 1/2 types religious classes are arranged within the mosque premises. In addition to Imam, Moazzins there are Khadem to look after the overall aspects of the mosque. There is a elected EC committee for Mosque who are always available to render all kinds of religious service. Mosque accepts donations of any amounts. Other two Mosques are situated at Road no.3 Named as Baitul-Falah Jame Mosque, another at Road 17/A Named as Baitul Ma’mur Jame Mosque.


Play ground/Park

Play ground of the Sector-12 is also known as Park. This is the key attraction of young and old alike in our Sector. Hustle bustle in the park/play ground starts before sunrise and continues till almost midnight. We have following facilities:

  1. Beautiful walk way.
  2. Gossip Round at Middle of the Park.
  3. Bench with Shed at the Park.
  4. Various park items for children, toddlers rides corner.
  5. A number of Badminton courts are setup during winter season.
  6. Football and Volleyball ground.
  7. Various National day and Cultural event arranged occasionally



Walkway is around the Park. It is well lighted at night, only residents of the Sector are allowed. It is a smoke free zone. Security guards ensures safety of the walkers.


Cultural/ Sports activities

Cultural activities are organized for Bengali New year (Pohela Boishakh), Victory day, Independence day. Social evenings like music festival, concerts etc. are also arranged occasionally by the E.C Committee of Sector-12. With regards to sports, we arrange Annual Inter Sector Badminton Competition” Children games/Art competition are also arranged periodically.


Anti Mosquito Spray

Anti mosquito chemical spray throughout the Sector are carried out Twice in a week through fogger machine.


Garbage Collection

Please pack your kitchen wastes or any domestic garbage. Dispose them at your residential waste lain. The same will be collected by the waste management employees of the SECTOR-12.

Grave Yard

There is a Grave Yard situated in Sector-12 managed by Dhaka North City Corporation.