05 Sep

Message from President

It gives me great pleasure to interact with the residents and stake holders of Uttara Sector-12 Kollayan Samity through the medium of SECTOR-12 Official Interactive website to extend my best wishes and compliments to them. SECTOR-12 has come a long way in emerging as a well Developed Residence Area for Plot/Flat owners and their Families, and also the most prestigious and a leading residential Sector of the Uttara Model Town. I would like to reassure the residents that Uttara Sector-12 Kollayan Samity will continue to do its best to ensure a better and brighter future for them, In this respect we always acknowledge the help and assistance being provided by Dhaka North City Corporation, DMP Uttara Zone, Uttara Association and other Authority who supports us cordially.

I would also like to thank all the Members of Executive Committee and sub committees for their relentless effort for bring the SECTOR-12 Community at its present standard. I as President of Uttara Sector-12 Kollayan Samity would also once again stress that, SECTOR-12 Community attaches utmost importance to the need for providing secure, peaceful and vibrant living environment to its residents and will keep initiating effective measures for bringing further improvements in all spheres of Community development.

I am very well aware, that, SECTOR-12 Kollayan Samity members has given utmost priority for the development of cultural, social, religious and sports so that the residents’ children can develop their physical and mental faculty to its optimum. Simultaneously, dedicated efforts are being made for ensuring provision of basic living amenities in the area.

I wish UTTARA SECTOR-12 residents all the best for a happy and prosperous future.

A.K.M Nasir Ullah


Uttara Sector-12 Kollayan Samity

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